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    Empowering Individuals: Disability Employment Services

    At MyCare Home Nursing, we help you find and keep a job if you or your loved one have a disability, illness, or injury under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The providers of Disability Employment services are called DES providers. Our DES providers work with each DES participant to meet every individual needs and requirements. 

    From managing health issues to preparing you to get work, from identifying your strengths and work capabilities to developing skills for the job, our DES providers will help you in all. Our disability services QLD has two parts: 

    Disability Management Service 

    A person with disability, injuries, or health conditions who needs assistance to find a job and support occasionally in the workplace can avail of this service. 

    Employment Support Service

    Individuals with permanent disabilities who need guidance to find a job and regular support in the workplace can avail of this service. 

    We believe in holistic well-being and work closely with every individual for their success in all aspects of life. 

    Is Disability Services QLD Just for People With A Disability?

    A participant does not need to be diagnosed with a disability. Our services help people suffering from short or long-term injuries, illness, and other health conditions. We aim to bridge the gap between employers and individuals facing employment barriers. 

    We at MyCare Home Nursing help with every range of health conditions to find and keep a job. Our experts support the individual and provide them with the right level of care and assistance. 

    What does a DES provider do?

    As a disability employment services provider, we offer a wide range of services that include: 

    • Career advice as per your career goals
    • Training to get you job-ready
    • Finding job opportunities
    • Write your resume
    • Job application assistance
    • Assistance for preparing for job interviews
    • Mental health support 
    • Financial assistance for transport 
    • Ongoing support in the workplace

    We understand that every individual is different, and everyone searches for other works. Our services are highly tailored and personalized as per your specific needs. To achieve your employment goals, we work closely with you. 

    Our individualized plan will arrange other services like relocation assistance or financial incentives. Our current system connects you directly with employment opportunities and helps you to find long-term solutions.  

    Our Disability Employment Services in QLD

    NDIS funds us, and our team of skilled DES providers have diverse abilities to find the best job that aligns with your skills and interests. We understand the unique challenges faced by job seekers with disabilities, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. 

    Our disability services QLD providers work closely with every individual and develop a customized plan that addresses every requirement for the job. We will help you in: 

    • Development of individual skills
    • Preparation of CVs, resumes, and cover letters
    • Taking part in workshops or a work experience program 
    • Assistance in searching for job opportunities
    • Getting ready for job interviews
    • Assisting you regarding your rights and responsibilities as an employee. 
    • Addition support to overcome other challenges

    Waving a job can enhance your quality of life along with your health. Our services will increase your quality of life and boost your self-esteem, provide a source of income, and provide you with satisfaction. Additionally, it will also help you to build your social network and presence in your community. 

    Who is Eligible for Disability Employment Services?

    A person who has an injury, illness, or disability that is affecting their ability to work is eligible for disability service QLD. 

    Here is the list of eligibility criteria that you need to know to avail of the services:

    • Have a diagnosed injury, illness, or disability
    • Aged at least 14 to pension age
    • At or above the minimum legal age of working in your state
    • Must be an Australian resident
    • Able to work at least eight hours per week
    • Not studying for full-time

    Why Choose MyCare Home Nursing for Disability Employment Services? 

    With 15 years of experience, we are the most trusted home care providers in QLD. With a commitment to helping individuals unlock their full potential and independence, Our NDIS housing services go beyond to support you in every step to keep a job. 

    Here is why you should choose us for disability services QLD:

    • Personalized attention to every individual to find a perfect fit job. 
    • Tailored support based on specific needs
    • Experienced and passionate professionals
    • Peer support groups and workshops
    • Funded by NDIS to allow individuals to focus on their career

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